Wednesday, Dec 10 2014
The open-concept kitchen is one of the hottest trend in housing, but when everyone can see your work area you need an awesome faucet that makes a statement. Homeowners fall into two categories:... Read more »
Monday, Oct 27 2014
Plumbing giant Kohler has added a new modern San Souci toilet that flushes with a sensor mounted on the inside of the tank instead of a traditional trip lever. San Souci, which directly translated... Read more »
Wednesday, Aug 6 2014
Kohler, Wis.-based Kohler has done it again, this time debuting technology that allows homeowners to flush the toilet without making contact with the traditional lever. "The Touchless flush is a... Read more »
Wednesday, Jun 4 2014
The faucet is perhaps the item your buyers and clients will touch most often in the kitchen, so it’s in your best interest to get a decent product. But what constitutes a good faucet? After... Read more »
Wednesday, Apr 2 2014
When Janice Ryan-Arnold and her husband, Theo, renovated their Lanham, Md., house in 2004, they were enthusiastic about a whirlpool tub. Images of lounging in invigorating bubbles danced in their... Read more »
Monday, Mar 31 2014
Hands-free and electronic faucets are seemingly everywhere these days, and designer Shannon Kadwell always knows which homeowners will want one in their kitchen. “The clients who are really... Read more »
Thursday, Feb 27 2014
Kohler, Wis.-based Kohler has introduced Nightlight toilet seat that allows homeowners to find their way in the dark. "Typically overhead lights are bright because daytime tasks call for well... Read more »
Monday, Feb 10 2014
Las Vegas, Nev.—It’s official: Construction Week — consisting of the International Builders' Show, the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show and the International Window Coverings Expo in the same location... Read more »
Monday, Jan 27 2014
Gone are the days when bathrooms were the rooms homeowners used purely for personal grooming. Today’s bath fixtures — sink, toilet, showers and tubs — incorporate all manner of innovation and house a... Read more »
Monday, Oct 14 2013
Inspired by turn-of-the-century architecture, Kohler’s new modular Artifacts faucet line allows homebuyers and design professionals to mix and match three spouts and three handles to suit their... Read more »